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I am curious and always ready to discover new worlds. Since moving to the UK in 1993 after my University degree I have done everything from Runner to Producer. Fixer to publicist with Sophia Coppola (and others!) at the Cannes, Toronto & Sundance Films Festivals. I am hard working, confident & ready to take on my next challenge.


August 2017 - December 2017


One of two scriptwriters for this 20x 20min. Comedy-Drama series for FR3 (France 3 Television)  - Ouvert La Nuit (Open at Night). Broadcast: Sept 2019


I was brought long to bring an Anglo-Saxon sense of humour to the series. Being a French National having lived in the UK for 24 years, the producers brought me in to bring my multi-cultural background and experience to this project.


Synopsis: To avoid the dreaded DayCare Centre for their Aspergers son's who recently turned 18. Isabelle and Bruno Castan leave their Parisian lives behind when they answer an advert to take-over the management of a 24 hours petrol station in Corsica.

Alas! what seemed like a golden opportunity rapidly turns into a lame duck! With their maigre savings melting away like ice cream under the sun and their son falling in love, there is no turning back for the Castan. Will they survive their first winter in the heart of Corsica? Will they integrate this close-knit community? And, will their past catch-up with them? 


Ouvert La Nuit is produced by Mareterraniu Productions. Exec Producer - Paul Rognoni. Director - Julien Meynet.


Comedy Scriptwriter
2001 - Present

In parallel with my Editor's career, I've been writing and producing zero budget sketches and comedy pitch. Along the way I met and worked with people including Rebecca Gethings (Extras, The Thick Of It) Jalal Hartley (The Catherine Tate Show) James Smith (The Thick Of It) Max Digby (Broken News). Together we wrote and shot pilots for comedy shows. Most can be seen on YouTube and Vimeo. 


I am currently working on STRESSED. 

A 15-minute short film.


Tag Line


A down on his luck middle-aged gay man moves to Blackpool to look after the child he didn't know he had with his manipulative long lost best friend

Freelance Editor

2001 - present


Since becoming a freelance editor. I edited 100's of short form doc for leading Humanitarian Organisations, Corporate videos for large business as well as for the art world.

Including Bombay Sapphire, David Tremlett (Turner Prize nominee), Anthony & The Johnsons (Mercury Prize winner), Knight Frank Real Estate Agents, CBRE Real Estate Agents, Colander Associates, Zaha Hadid Architects, The International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC) Amy Lamée, Pam Ann, Jonny Woo. 

Freelance Editor/producer - MSF (Doctors Without Borders)

2009 - 2016


I worked on a roll-over freelancer basis with Doctors Without Borders in the UK, Holland, Geneva and NYC Access Campaign office. The high light of my time whilst working with this Nobel price winner Humanitarian Organisation was:

1- Directing and editing a 20 Min documentary on their groundbreaking work on MDR-TB (Drug-Resistant Tuberculosis) for their Amsterdam Office which won them a €7Millions price for the People Lottery. 

2- Directing a short series of animations which have been seen by over 100.000 MSFers across all continents, translated in English, French, Spanish, Arabic, Japanese... The animations and their characters have been turned into a poster, HR and training material, membership cards, Mugs and Tee-shirts.

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