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A 15-minute film.


George is out of work and out of luck.

Mandy his long lost best friend wants to meet as she is dying. Contrary to what she said fifteen years ago, they did produce a child together.



Could this temporary move to Blackpool be the second bite at the cherry George so desperately needs? Sadly Mandy is lying once again.


As George discovers the truth, he must decide what to do next.

Now at death's door, Mandy wants father and son to be reunited.

Research footage - Blackpool April 2019



STRESSED is currently written as a stand-alone fifteen-minute short film, I am looking for development money to further research and rewrite sessions. I am also looking for producers to work with and, bring George, Sam, Mandy and their universe to screen.


STRESSED original ideas is a 6x20 minute comedy series which I am keen to pitch.


I have based STRESSED in Blackpool which I have fallen in love with and want to champion. 


Notes from the author.


In my early twenties, I uprooted myself from my native France and moved to London to be Gay away from my discontented family. My sister got married, had children. My father died. I found my tribe.


Twenty years on, my sister and I realised that we had lost touch and that my nephews were complete strangers. After a few failed attempts we agreed on a date for a visit. My sister and I rekindled our relationship very easily. As for my nephews, it was harder. The experience left me with mixed feelings. I soon found myself fantasising about receiving a call from a country hospital informing me that my sister's car had slipped on a patch of ice five miles from Portsmouth. “Both adults are dead, when can I come and collect the kids?”


Awful isn't it?


Are my nephews badly hurt?

Must I really go and rescue them?

Where are they going to sleep?

Where is the nearest school?

Do they like sport? (I don't)

Do they like films? (I do)


Is this the end of my life as I know it? 


Needless to say: My sister and her family are very much alive and come to visit once a year. Still, I find myself with clammy hands, anxious and filled with dread every time they pull off the curb:  "DRIVE SAFELY" I shout when I really mean "Please don't die".






In 2017 I was hired as a scriptwriter on a 20x20 minutes French comedy series (Ouvert La Nuit/Open At Night) for France 3 Television.


This experience was life-changing. This is why I have now decided to solely focus on STRESSED.


You can get in touch and request the full script and technical specs. 


And so,

was born.

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